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It is really a great demand for imported cheese

To the marketing of dairy products, we have got more or less by accident.

Milan Hubík (one of our executive managers) who worked as a commercial director in another company. One client asked him to help him with selling a truck full of cheese.

We did not have any experience with selling dairy products, but we resolved to try it.

When we successfully had managed to sell all the cheese, we realized that there is a big interest in imported cheese.

Therefore, we decided to invest more of our time and effort in this area. We were one of the first companies which imported cheese and other dairy products into our country.

We were not afraid of this challenge. And it paid off. Today, in fact, we are the largest importers of cheese in Slovakia and the neighboring Czech Republic.

You can read below how we have accomplished to get to this leading position in the market and what achievements and failures we had to face on this way.


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The first company failed

After certain time, some radical changes has occurred in our successful business with dairy products. We were forced to leave our company.

The reason was not a failure, but a conflict between us and the third executive manager. Well, such things do happen.

We moved further and established a new company. Nevertheless, almost nothing has changed on the way how we work.

We were still dedicated to buying and selling dairy products and we cooperated with the same business partners.

The best way is to learn from own mistakes

We have established a new company and came up with a new business name. At that moment, however, we did not know that our new business name is already in use and they had covered it by a trade mark.

It was really unnecessary mistake ...

We had no other choice but to change our business name and pretend that nothing happened. To avoid similar problems, we had decided to insure our new business name with our own trade mark.

A way to a leading position in the market

From the beginning, we traded mainly with Polish suppliers from whom we mostly purchased cheaper dairy products.

There was a great demand for those products and our customers were satisfied. But later, there appeared multiple reports on Polish foodstuffs and the interest sharply declined.

Therefore, we started to look for new business partners. Our existing suppliers are mainly from western countries such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Some products, such as cheese made of vegetable fat, we still buy in Poland, because it is not produced elsewhere.

Thanks to our responsible approach and favorable position in the market our sales have grown gradually and we got to the position as the largest importer of cheese in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, in which we find ourselves today.

Even we were able to exceed the milestone 1 000 000 kilograms of imported cheese per month.

In addition, we have created our own brand of cheese Natur Lander, which is sold in many supermarkets.

We have been growing and improving our products and services

To keep our strong market position, we have been constantly working on improving our products and services.

We know that if we do not keep developing and improving, we can easily lose our leading position. As well, we are trying to expand to other countries.

Since 2014, we have been exporting cheese to Poland, Hungary, Croatia and even to Cyprus, where our products are also very demanded.

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Thanks to our accountable approach, we have become the largest importer of cheese in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Do you want to find out how we have accomplished it?

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We were able to exceed the milestone 1 000 000 kilograms of imported cheese per month.

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