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If you would like more information to consider our cooperation further, we will be happy to see you in our warehouse in Ružomberok,where you can inspect and taste the goods by yourself !

What products do you deal with?

We buy and sell a wide range of dairy products but clearly, our main product is cheese. We import more than a million kilograms of cheese per month and so we are the biggest importer of cheese in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Do you have a place for a new customer?

Due to the variety on the market with animal products, we cannot answer this question in general. Let us know what goods you are interested in and we will be pleased to inform you about the availability and price.

How does the cooperation work?

Contact us via the contact form or visit us in our warehouse in Ružomberok where you can inspect or taste the goods by yourself. Then we will discuss all necessary details and in case of mutual interest in the cooperation, there will be no obstruction to deliver your first order.

From which countries do you import dairy products to Slovakia and the CzechRepublic?

Nowadays, we trade mainly with companies from western countries such as Germany, Austria, Netherlands, or Luxembourg. However, we also offer products from other countries, for example Poland, because some types of cheese are simply not produced in the west.

How do you proceed the business if there is a sudden change in the market price of the products?

We truly believe that good relationships are the basis of wholesale cooperation. If the price of the goods we buy or sell is fixed by contract, we strictly respect it, regardless whether it is advantageous for us or not.

How are you able to supply the products for such a competitive price?

We make business directly with the dairies, from which we have been purchasing large amounts of dairy products for a long time. Due to the good relationships and huge taking, we are able to buy the products profitably and so to sell them for a great price.

Do you have more questions?

Do you have any questions? Contact us by email or call or fill out  the form below. It would be our pleasure to contact you back and  answer all your questions.

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Thanks to our accountable approach, we have become the largest importer of cheese in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Do you want to find out how we have accomplished it?

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We were able to exceed the milestone 1 000 000 kilograms of imported cheese per month.

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