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We offer cheese producers from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland ... Our business partners have been carefully selected, so you can be sure that you get the best quality at unbeatable prices.
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Our offer includes cheese : BLOCKS approx. 10-15 kg

Gouda 45%


Gouda 48%


Edam 30%


Edam 40%                 Edam 45%


Mozzarella 40%


Mozzarella 45%

7320 Mozzarella 15kg Block.jpg

BRICKS / Loaves approx. 3 kg - 4 pieces per carton

Gouda 45%


Gouda 48%


Edam 30%


Edam 40%                 Edam 45%

WG Edam 40% Euro_4000.jpg

Mozzarella 40%


Mozzarella 45%

Mozzarella Alpiland.jpg

Emmentaller 45% 


Ementaller 48%


Edam Smoked 45%



Pandur Premium 45% 3kg

Analogue cheese

Pandur Premium.png

Pandur 45% 3kg

Analogue cheese


Whey cheese / Cream cheese


Butter 82% Sweet Cream / Lactic

Butter 82% Sweet Cream 10kg,15kg,25kg


Butter 82% Lactic



Butter 82% 250g


Skimmed Milk Powder

Low, Medium, High Heat

25kg Bags


Big Bags - 1 MT


You can gain a verified supplier of cheese that you can rely on!

Surely, there has been a situation that your business partner have not fulfilled their promises

and have not delivered their products or they changed their price at short notice.

It has happened to us too...

However, we have decided to be different. We appreciate relationships with our business partners and are determined to do our best not to disappoint any of them. We always keep our promises.

We believe that a successful business is based on the satisfaction of both parties and therefore, we do not treat our partners the way we do not want to be treated.

We believe that you appreciate this in case you decide to establish cooperation with us. With our approach, we have become the largest importer of cheese in the Slovak and Czech markets and we still grow.

Quality cheese and other dairy products, responsible approach and reasonable price

  • Better price than you get straight from a dairy – Due to the large amounts of dairy products we regularly buy, we are able to offer you even better price to what you can get straight from the seller.
  • Fresh and quality products that meet the specification – We buy the products directly from the manufacturers that makes them fresh and they meet the specification given in order.
  • Money back guarantee - in case there occurs a situation that our products do not meet the quality standards or product specification, we will refund your money. The satisfaction of our customers is for us the top priority.
  • We keep the agreed amounts and terms - we never withdraw the contract, even if the market situation changes and becomes not advantageous for our business. Long-term relationships are for us more important than a loss-making business.
  • We are liable to pay VAT - we are aware of the fear of transitive liability to pay VAT that haunts all wholesale businesses. However, we always pay VAT which can also be confirmed by the fact that we were given rating 5 by the company Euler Hermes.
  • Large or small amounts of products - we are not strictly focused on large purchasers. We are open to do business, regardless of whether you want to order several trucks or only a few pallets of products. 
  • We take care of the transport - If you do not have your own means of transport, we will be happy to deliver our dairy products directly to your store fast and for a reasonable price.
  • Fast dealing with complaints - The problems are necessary to be dealt fast. If anything goes wrong with our products, we will deal with your claim fast and easily.
  • Veterinary number at each product - in case of contamination, you can easily verify the origin of the products and solve the problem.
2016000106.jpg naturlander-romadur-08-09 (1).jpg shottype1-328x328.jpg

We are willing to discuss everything with you

We know that prior to the cooperation, it is important to deal with all necessary details. We will discuss the way our cooperation might work and all that for free and without any commitments.

If you have any questions or need any advice, please feel free to fill in the contact form below and contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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About us

Thanks to our accountable approach, we have become the largest importer of cheese in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Do you want to find out how we have accomplished it?

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We were able to exceed the milestone 1 000 000 kilograms of imported cheese per month.

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